If your information states a date prior to 1878 it may be referring to Bradford County. The City of Bradford is in McKean County.

Governor Corbett signed PA Vital Records Bill 361 into law on December 15th.

Starting February 15, 2012, the Birth and Death indices are available on-line at: PA Birth and Death Records Indices
  • Births records that are 105 years old or older (currently only the 1906 births)
  • Death records 50 years and older - covering 1906 through 1961

In 1906, recording of births and deaths became the responsibility of the State of Pennsylvania. Prior to that, the counties were responsible for recording this data. Any birth older than 105 years old is now included in the PDF indices. So, that means the 1906 birth records only are searchable. Next year, 1907 birth records will be added to the on-line index. Any death record older than 50 years is now available in the PDF indices, which includes 1906 through 1961. Next year, the range will be 1906 through 1962.

Local Genealogy

The Society is pleased to offer these and numerous other resources to aid in your genealogical research:

  • Surname files with information we have prepared in response to past inquiries from researchers.
  • Family histories and records donated to us.
  • First Families of the Tuna Valley collection, which preserves the history of the earliest settlers in the Bradford area.
  • Partial handwritten census lists for 1840, 1850, 1860 and 1870.
  • History of McKean, Elk, Cameron and Potter Counties dated 1890
  • Genealogy Northern PA dated 1913
  • Obituary Index compiled from The Bradford Era newspaper, published in Bradford, Pennsylvania.
  • Cemetery Headstone Index
  • Editions of The Bradford Era newspaper from 1888 through April 1946.
  • Bradford City Directories from 1879 through 1973
  • Telephone books dating from the 1950s to present-day for Bradford and surrounding areas.

If you have Bradford, McKean County, PA roots associated with the CORNELIUS surname, you'll definitely want to visit the following website:


Obituaries, photos of people, cemeteries, gravestones by Robin DeRue. An abundance of information presented in an organized, pleasing arrangement. You might just find a connection.