The Herbig Bakery

The Herbig Bakery, headquarters of The Bradford Landmark Society, houses an extensive collection of Bradford area historical artifacts and documents, including much-used genealogical materials. The building is on its original site at 45 East Corydon Street.

Featured are rotating displays under the curatorship of Mrs. Sally Ryan Costik. In 2005 Mrs. Costik and her husband, John, began an extensive remodel of the facility with the objective of creating a true museum. The old bakery cases were removed to make room for a series of display walls allowing improved viewing of artifacts, historical information and illustrations. This has allowed the Society to exhibit more items than has been possible in the past.

A research room has been created at the back of the building and houses the extensive historical collections that researchers and family genealogists will find to be of tremendous informational value. Visitors are encouraged to make use of these resources with volunteers available to provide assistance.

We sincerely hope you'll consider a visit to Bradford to see what we have to offer. For those of you unable to travel to our Bradford location, please take the opportunity to "visit" us via email.

We look forward to meeting you.