About Us


The Bradford Landmark Society is a historical organization dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the history of the Bradford and Tuna Valley areas. We are located in the city of Bradford, Pennsylvania, McKean County.

The Landmark Society, founded in 1969, has two main branches - the Herbig Bakery which contains extensive collections of historical and genealogical material and the Crook Farm Homestead on Seaward Avenue Extension where examples of life long ago are on display. Our current membership count stands at 333.


If you've been associated with the Bradford Landmark Society more than four years, you'll no doubt remember Larry Richmond. It is with great sadness we acknowledge his passing on Sunday, May 6, 2012. There is hardly a page on this website without Larry's touch. His obituary, printed in the May 8th edition of The Bradford Era, gives a glimpse into his areas of interests and expertise. Larry devoted countless hours helping people research their family roots. He memorized the Main Street addresses, had an unrivaled knowledge of the homes and mansions of Bradford, knew about obscure cornerstones, made it his mission to record information for McKean County Civil War veterans, gave "birth" to the obituary index in use today, worked with students, and encouraged them to explore the rich history of Bradford. He trudged between his house and the Herbig Bakery Headquarters here on East Corydon Street so many times in both good and inclement weather, he surely wore grooves in the pavement and sidewalks. He was here bright and early in the morning, often returning at night to finish a project or meet someone unable to visit during the normal operating hours. The foundation of Larry's work was accomplished the old-fashioned way, BTI (before the internet), but he readily recognized and embraced new technology, bringing us into the computer age. He never stopped thinking, learning, and sharing. He was a bona fide Genealogist. It will take years for any of us to come close to claiming that title. A person like Larry comes along once in a lifetime.

In loving memory of "Mr. History", Larry A. Richmond, born April 18, 1940, passed away May 6, 2012.

In Loving Memory of Richard L. "Dick" Robertson

May 25, 1926 - March 27, 2015

Dick's expertise on this area's history was unparalleled. We enjoyed his visits to the Society and appreciated his willingness to share what he knew. We will miss you dear friend. Our heartfelt sympathy to his family.

In Loving Memory of Patricia M. Connelly Schessler

91, passed away March 21, 2015

Pat was active in the Bradford Landmark Society for many years. Her knowledge of Bradford history was remarkable as was her writing. It's sad to say goodbye to another friend. Our deepest sympathy goes out to her family and wide circle of friends.

In Loving Memory of Anna M. DeLucia

February 3, 1925 - February 6, 2015

Ann was a long-time volunteer for the Bradford Landmark Society. She will be fondly remembered and missed greatly. Our sincere condolences go out to her family and friends.

Directors - 2014

  • Harrijane Hannon Moore - President
  • Robert Esch
  • Gayle Bauer
  • Ken Jadlowiec
  • Susan Oliphant
  • Pete Gardner
  • Judy Yorks
  • Shelley Harvey
  • John Place

Curator at Herbig Bakery

  • Sally Ryan Costik
    • On December 12, 2014, Sally Costik marked 20 years as Curator of the Bradford Landmark Society. The Bradford Era published her story and it's available to read here:


  • In Memory of Larry Richmond
April 18, 1940 - May 6, 2012


  • Tom Jones
  • Dale Thurston
  • Molly Popiel Lindahl (Genealogy)

Volunteers at Herbig Bakery

  • Mary Collins Ryan
  • Betty Pfohl
  • Mike Fuoco
  • Gordon Ernest
  • Sandy Hudspith
  • Bill Knight
  • Diann Ramsay
  • Colette Roessler
  • Katherine Roessler
  • Cal Abbott
  • John Place
  • Brian Berlin
  • Max Asinger


  • Ann DeLucia (Deceased)
  • Pat Schessler


Crook Farm & Homestead living history program for PA and NY grade school students (Spring)

Crook Farm historical site displays, tours, and demonstrations

  • Farmhouse, restored and furnished to 1870s
  • One room schoolhouse, with desks (ca. 1850-1929)
  • Barn, blacksmith, candle, and weaver shops
  • Historic farm and house tools, utensils, implements, and artifacts

Herbig Bakery historical site

  • Historic bakery and Bradford artifacts, records, documents, photographs, genealogy
  • Special topics
  • Rotating exhibits