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A Good Pumping Well Bradford PA.jpg
A Good Pumping Well.jpg
Between Olean NY and Bradford PA 1880.jpg
Bradford Oil Fields.jpg
Bradford PA Flowing Well A.jpg
Bradford PA Flowing Well B.jpg
Bradford PA Flowing Well C.jpg
Bradford PA Oilwell Derrick.jpg
Burning Oil Tank Between Olean-Bradford A.jpg
Burning Oil Tank Between Olean-Bradford B.jpg
Burning Oil Tank View A.jpg
Burning Oil Tank View B.jpg
Burning Tank 35000 Barrels View A.jpg
Burning Tank 35000 Barrels View B.jpg
Dittman Fred and Tool Dresser.jpg
Drilling Machine-Spudding Operations A.jpg
Drilling Machine-Spudding Operations B.jpg
Drilling Machine-Spudding Operations C.jpg
Drilling Machine-Spudding Operations D.jpg
Emery Oil Refinery.jpg
Filling Torpedo With Nitroglycerine.jpg
Flowing Well Bradford Penn.jpg
Flowing Well-Side Flow.jpg
Flowing Well.jpg
Glycerine Magazine Horsedrawn A.jpg
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