Womens' Clothing (image 151 through 175 of 253)
Hoop Frame.JPG
Hunter Green Wool Jacket with Embroidery.JPG
Ivory Cape with Gold Embroidery and Satin Stitch.JPG
Ivory Chiffon Dress Long Fringe.JPG
Ivory Chiffon Dress, Snap Closure Sleeve.JPG
Ivory Cotton Gauze Dress.JPG
Ivory Cotton Pin-Tuck and Lace Dress.jpg
Ivory Cotton Stripe Dress Ribbon Trim.JPG
Ivory Crinkle Cotton Dress.JPG
Ivory Faille Dress with Lace Collar.JPG
Ivory Gown Lace Netting and Satin.JPG
Ivory Homespun Dress with Square Eyelet Collar.JPG
Ivory Knit Sweater with Rhinestones.JPG
Ivory Linen Weave Crewel Embroidery Blouse.JPG
Ivory Netting Black Dotted Netting Dress.JPG
Ivory Netting Dress Crewel Bodice and Hem.JPG
Ivory Netting Dress Scroll Trim Tassels and Ruffles.JPG
Ivory Netting Dress with Bodice Pintucks.JPG
Ivory Netting Dress with Satin Ruffles and Underskirt.jpg
Ivory Polished Cotton Dress with Black Trim.JPG
Ivory Satin Blouse with Black Satin Trim.JPG
Ivory Satin Blouse with Sheer Insets.JPG
Ivory Satin Gown with Matching Train.JPG
Ivory Satin Skirt with Faggoting and Tucks.JPG
Ivory Satin Suit Lace and Sequins.JPG
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