Womens' Clothing (image 101 through 125 of 253)
Black Velvet Wrap Purple Lining.JPG
Black Watermark Satin Blouse with Wool Trim.JPG
Black Watermark Satin Coat.JPG
Black Watermark Satin Dress and Jacket.JPG
Black Wool 6-Gore Skirt.JPG
Black Wool Cape Extensive Trim and Beading.JPG
Black Wool Cape with Tab Button Neck Closure.JPG
Black Wool Evening Coat 1930s.JPG
Black Wool Flared-at-Hip Skirt.JPG
Black Wool Jacket with Cape Collar.JPG
Black Wool Riding Skirt.JPG
Black Wool Twill Coat with Pelt Heads.JPG
Black Wool Twill Weave Bib Button Jacket.JPG
Blue Chiffon Slip-Dress.JPG
Blue Cotton Dress with White Polka Dots.JPG
Blue Patterned Dress.JPG
Blue Velvet Robe.JPG
Blue Wool Skirt Brown Diamond Pattern Gussets.JPG
Blue Wool Two Piece Suit.JPG
Bright Pattern Summer Coat.JPG
Bright Tapestry Pattern Cape.JPG
Brown and Tan Brocade Blouse.JPG
Brown and White Polished Cotton Dress.JPG
Brown Black Velvet Jacket.JPG
Brown Cotton Jacket with Black Satin Trim.JPG
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