Mens Uniforms (image 1 through 25 of 31)
American Legion Uniform.JPG
Blue Wool Sailor Shirt-Front and Back.JPG
Central Hose Company Shirt-Red.JPG
Dark Olive Green Jacket and Matching Trousers.JPG
Green Wool Eisenhower Jacket.jpg
Green Wool Hat ID 7735.JPG
Kendall Refining Co Lab Coat.JPG
Khaki Twill Shirt with Emblem Close-ups.JPG
Khaki Twill Shirt.JPG
Knights of Pythias Uniform.JPG
Light Green Wool Shirt-Left Shoulder Patch Closeup.JPG
Navy Blue CB Uniform With Shoes.JPG
Navy Blue Wool Shirt with Right Shoulder Patch.JPG
Navy Blue Wool Slacks 4-Button Fly.JPG
Navy Seabee Jacket with Emblems.JPG
Olive Brown Light Wool Shirt with Brown Tie.JPG
Olive Green Army Eisenhower Jacket.JPG
Olive Green Army Winter Wool Trench Coat.JPG
Olive Green Jacket Stand-Up Collar and Trousers.JPG
Olive Green Light Wool Army Shirt.JPG
Olive Green Wool Army Full Length Trenchcoat.JPG
Olive Green Wool Army Slacks.JPG
Olive Green Wool Army Uniform-Long Jacket.JPG
Olive Green Wool Dress Uniform.JPG
Olive Green Wool Single-Breasted Dress Coat.JPG
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