Children's Clothing (image 1 through 25 of 33)
Black-Red Wool Plaid Boys Coat and Cap.JPG
Boys Red Richie Wool Cap.JPG
Girls Large White Cotton Sunbonnet.JPG
Girls Peach Cotton Crochet Cap.JPG
Infant Eyelet Laced Cap.jpg
Infant Ivory Cotton Crocheted Cap.JPG
Infant Ivory Cotton Cutwork Embroidered Cap.JPG
Infant Ivory Crocheted Cap.JPG
Infant Ivory Crocheted Cotton Headcover.JPG
Infant Ivory Netting Cap Peach Ribbons.JPG
Infant Peach Silk Brocade Cap.JPG
Infant White Cotton Cap Lace and Faggoting.JPG
Infant White Cotton Embroidered Satin Stitch Cap.JPG
Infant White Cotton Eyelet Cap.JPG
Infant White Cotton Lacy Brim Cap.JPG
Infant White Cotton Tatted Edge Bonnet.JPG
Infant White Dotted Swiss Cap.JPG
Olive Green Tweed Wool Jacket with Belt.JPG
Pink Cotton Dress Embroidery.JPG
Pink Cotton Sunbonnet.JPG
Pink Satin Dress Four Tiered Skirt.JPG
White Angora Knit Cap Blue Ribbon Ties.JPG
White Christening Gown with Lace Bodice Insets.JPG
White Cotton Bonnet Cutwork and Embroidery.JPG
White Cotton Bonnet Reverse Appliques.JPG
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